Concise and Affordable...

... Stefan Corda UK products are designed to suit the beginner and advanced player alike, produced to very high manufacturing standards in the UK and sensibly priced, making all our products affordable to everyone.


We concentrate on quality in a small range of product rather than offering mass volume.


Unique and Original...

... It's not a copy


All the products have been designed by Neil at Stefan Corda UK. The Stefan Corda designs are deliberately different to other manufacturers products and although similar designs to ours are being produced elsewhere, Stefan Corda UK will only ever produce a product that has been specifically created 'in-house' and is uniquely different to other manufacturers.


Stefan Corda UK takes pride in being Original.

Facts and Figures...

The Stefan Corda 2K4 and Vintage figures were the first Full Production, non- Subbuteo, copy or mutation, figures since the 1990's, and remain one of the most popular figure types around the world for looks, playability and for total compatibility with other manufacturers products. Being similar to the Subbuteo peg fitting, the 2K4 and Vintage figures not only fit our Raptor and Image bases, but all other manufacturers bases. When quality matters, the Stefan Corda figures remain head and shoulders above their imitations and lookalikes.

Keeping it simple...

...Bases, No complicated variations


The Raptor G2 is designed to play in a straight line and not to curl. This is a heavy base supplied with a washer for stability and optimum performance which allows good close control and powerful shooting.


The Image2 base is more in the Retro style although not a copy of anything in the Subbuteo range. This base will slide in straight lines and also curl, so offering the opportunity to recreate the 'old game' with modern equipment.

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