About Neil Lishman

Neil Lishman is a realism artist living in Pickering North Yorkshire, having moved there in 1971 as a child, from his birthplace of Hebburn on Tyne.


Neil is a self-taught artist who from earliest memory had a desire to paint. Influenced by his father James Lishman, whose active involvement with the local art community, both on Tyneside and Pickering, surrounded Neil with art and artists, ranging from open air exhibitions in the large grounds of their Tyneside home, to his father’s evening classes in Pickering.

In his late teens, Neil had a four year spell working only in Black & White using Pencil, Charcoal and Pastel and moving on to producing full landscape and marine works in Black & White Acrylic. The importance and time spent without colour proved invaluable for understanding light and tonal value, all of which is apparent in the work Neil produces today.

During the Eighties and early Nineties Neil’s work appeared in amateur art exhibitions across the county, he had joint exhibitions with his father and one solo exhibition in Scarborough, before concentrating on setting up a home and family of his own, during which he worked solely on commissions.

During the Nineties Neil’s commission work was diverse, from Pet Portraits to Military Aircraft, all of which were produced in Acrylic.

Even today Neil is not against painting any subject, from portraits to still life subjects, any commission work either personal or commercial is considered. 

In 2002 Neil went on a new artistic journey painting miniature figures for Table Football, culminating in him designing and creating his own figures. Such was the demand for Neil’s work, he turned professional in 2006 and created the Stefan Corda Table Football business.


Having painted and helped others to paint miniatures for 12 years, Neil stopped painting the tiny figures and in 2014 returned to the bigger canvas.

Working mainly in Alkyd Oil, Neil’s work now focusses on light and its many aspects. Being greatly inspired by the works of 19th. Century artists Ivan Shiskin and Peder Mork MÖnsted, most of the work Neil produces now include water. The effect of light on water and the consequent effects on the surrounding landscapes continues to fascinate and challenge and having the advantage of living in beautiful North Yorkshire with its open moors, breath-taking countryside and all its rivers and streams, source material is literally on the doorstep. 


Neil is a member of The Vale of Pickering Art Club